Catering for Lunch


Cold Sandwich

Included sandwich, small salad (green or Greek), soup and non-alcoholic beverage (mineral water, fruit juice or soft drink.

Sandwiches on crustless sliced bread or mini bread rolls
Tuna salad
Salmon salad
Chicken salad
Egg salad

Sandwiches on panini bread

Ham. Swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and mayo.

Terrine. Mustard, and pickles.

Warm Sandwich

The Montrealer
A classic! Smoke meat and mustard served on a panini bread. Served with a pickle and coleslaw café Rouge style.

The Club
Tasty seasoned chicken with mayo, bacon, lettuce with fresh tomatoes served on a panini bread.

The Fajini
Marinated chicken fajita, green and red peppers along with onions with a spread of salsa and Monterey Jack Cheddar cheese on a panini bread. Served with our homemade guacamole and sour cream.

The Chicken Ceasar
Chicken, bacon, lettuce with our irresistible creamy Caesar dressing.

The Chicken Dijon 
Tasty seasoned chicken with Brie cheese and spinach with honey dijon mustard on a panini bread.

The Orchid
Unctuous goat cheese with green apples and caramelized onions with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a panini bread.

The Manchester
Pull beef with sweet caramelized onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard on a Panini bread.

The Atlantic
A bagel, cut in half, served with cream cheese, mouthwatering smoked salmon, onions, dill and capers.

A classic! Bacon, lettuce with fresh tomatoes served on a panini bread. Served cold or warm, as you like it!

The Athena
Served with our delicious homemade Greek salad dressing on a Panini bread. Served cold or warm as you prefer!

The Croque-Monsieur
Smoked ham with Swiss cheese and mayo.