Our Coffee

The Brulerie Ancestrale was acquired in 2011 and moved from Dunham to the Cafe Rouge in Bedford. We offer a wide selection of coffees including; espresso, strong and mild signature blends and 100% single origin coffees.

All of our coffees are 100% Arabica beans that are UTZ Certified. Our supplier has created a foundation called the Humaniterra Foundation to help support farmers.

What does UTZ certified mean?
When coffee is UTZ certified you are helping to build a better future. UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for framers, their families and our planet. This program enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment. Thru this program farmers grow better crops, generate more income and create better opportunities while safeguarding the environment and securing the earth’s natural resources. If you would like to read more on this topic please click on this link

What is the Humaniterra Foundation?
This is a foundation that our supplier has created based on their strong commitment to support the local communities as well as the farmers that provide us with their superior quality of coffees. Their mission is to set new standards for quality in the world of responsible coffee while fulfilling the Humaniterra foundation’s vision of generosity and mutual aid. This foundation allows them to contribute a portion of the proceeds from the products sold to support local and foreign non-profit humanitarian organization like: charitable organizations focusing on the realities of local community, funding that helps the families and communities of coffee growers in case of catastrophic events, UTZ certification so that farmers can earn higher prices and finally environmental protection initiatives.

We roast our coffees in small batches of 5kg at a time in order to guarantee our customers the freshest coffees. In the Cafe we sale coffee bags  (250g, 500g and 1KG) in grain or grounded per request of our client based on the type of coffee machine that they have at home. We are in the process of distributing our coffee in stores around the Eastern Townships at the present time we have our coffees in Saint-Armand, Pike River, Notre-Dame du Stanbridge, and Bedford.

RegionSouth America
CertificationsHumaniterra Foundation, UTZ Certified
Altitude1,200 metres
Type of beanArabica
NotesCitrus and fruity
Mouth feelRich

Espresso Ancestral.
A strong and sharp espresso blend with a perfect balance between acidity and body.
Our Brazilian coffee is one of the best produced in Brazil. Its enticing aroma, its rich and velvety body will let you discover subtle citrus and fruity notes.
Highlighted by sweet flowery notes of lilac and jasmine. The flavor and acidity of this Colombian come together to create a medium to full-bodied coffee with vanilla notes in the cup as well as a pleasant finish.
Costa Rica.
Cultivated on the slopes of the  Irazú Volcano, this remarquable coffee distinguishes itself by its perfect balance between body and acidity.
Not acidic nor the strong. Excellent for espresso and drip coffee, the Turquino is rich, medium-bodied and has a delightfully smoky aroma.
A decaf espresso blend created especially for lovers of real coffee. Its rich, smooth taste will please the palates of the finest connoisseurs without the effects of caffeine.
Mild strong coffee with a hint of bitterness.
This coffee boasts beautiful notes of honey, apple and citrus with a charming jasmine aroma and a long, sweet finish.
Kenya AA.
Kenya’s coffees are excellent, particularly appreciated and in high demand. The “AA’s” have very good body and acidity.
This coffee is a premium coffee that represents the best quality coffee from India. In cup, the coffee exhibits full aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine flavor with a hint of spice.
It is rich and creamy. Its short but intense flavour is superseded by an aroma with notes a caramel and maple syrup. Yours to discover!
You will discover a crisp, clean acidic coffee with dark chocolate overtones. Is very sweet as only the ripe red cherries are picked from the trees. The finish stays with you on the rich side of astringent.
Cultivated in the shade of guavas and old walnut trees, it is perfectly balanced and offers beautiful subtle notes of pear and papaya.
It is heavy, rich, clean and full-bodied with low acidity and pleasant earthy undertones. Its infusion is deep black and its sweet flavor is followed by notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, malt and black licorice.
Espresso Sutton.
Strong coffee with a light acidity and a good after taste.
Strong coffee, very aromatic with a good body. Very well balanced.